Tourist Are Paying To See Beast Jesus. [Video]

Cecilia Giménez was just trying to help when she created Beast Jesus. Now her restoration is bringing tourist to her town who are paying to see her work.

Relax, It’s Just Monday!

The last full week before Christmas and all through the house….

Woman Of Anti-Science Tours Field Museum Of Natural History. [Video]

Watch Megan Fox walk through the Field Museum of Natural History and attempt to discredit the fossil record.

Exorcism AT Starbucks And Not An Exorcism FROM Starbucks. [Video]

Somebody filmed an ACTUAL exorcism at a Starbucks in Austin TX because the devil loves marginal coffee.

Baby Farts In A Commercial About Baptisms Because Farts And Baptisms. [Video]

Norwegians are often described as quiet and reserved. Their pre-Baptized babies are another story – deep voiced, buck toothed and farty.

Watch Scientology Execs Bully A Former Scientology Exec. [Video]

So this is how Scientology bizarro recruits. A former Scientology executive walks through the LA airport and gets the love former Scientologists get.

Mormon Missionary Dances To Beat It With MJ Impersonator. [Video]

Fun video of a Mormon missionary and Jehovah’s Witness impersonator having a dance off to Beat It.

Double Nut Shot From Fight Church Film. [Animated Gif]

How does god decide who to pull for when both fighters are asking for his assistance? In this case, god evens it out – both fighters get a nut shot.