Holy Shitsville – They’re Putting Human Brain Cells In Mice.

Scientists are putting human brain cells in mice. It’s only a matter of time until Stuart Little is the norm.

The Science Of ESPN Sports Explained By Sports Science By Tosh.0. [Video]

Tosh.0 turned it around on ESPN by using their Sports Science program to explain how ESPN Sports is a simple, money generating machine.

Find Out What’s In The Duffel Bag In BAG MAN Short Film. [Video]

The short film BAG MAN will have you guessing and then have you hoping for a BAG MAN sequel… and maybe a prequel.

Third Interstellar Trailer Expands On Replacement Earth Story. [Video]

Interstellar is due out November 7th.

Tornado Hits Church Playground. [Video]

Crazy surveillance video of a tornado striking a church playground and taking out everything but the church playground.

Video Of Teen Stowaway Getting Off The Airplane In Hawaii.

Watch the 15-year old stowaway get off the plane and wobble around the runway like 1/3 of the actual passengers do.

Comic Strip On Single Strand Of Hair. [Video]

Smart people just etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single strand of human hair. Watch the video.

Boat Covered In Gooseneck Barnacles Washes Ashore In Washington. From Tsunami 2011?

A barnacle-covered boat w/ Japanese writing on it landed on a beach in Ocean Shores WA. May have traveled 4500 miles from Japan after the 2011 Earthquake.