Where Do I Get The New Snuggies … Said No One Ever. [Video]

Snuggies are upping their game with some new Snuggies including an evening gown and tuxedo Snuggie and his/her beach swimsuit Snuggies. Sweet!

Poop Package – Enjoy The Package Of Poop You Stole. [Video]

A couple in DC fight back against a package thief by putting a fake parcel and filling it with poop.

Amazon To FAA: We’re Taking Our Drone Idea Elsewhere.

Looks like the FAA is on to Amazon and their neverending delivery-drone April Fools joke. Amazon’s reaction: we’ll take our drones elsewhere.

Larry David Sunburn Smiley Face Beach Towel – The Curb Collection.

Share your fun time at the beach with the Larry David ‘Forehead Smiley Face’ Beach Towel.

Attack On Titan Santa Or Attack On Target By Titan Santa?

It’s Christmas again and it’s time for the Titan Santas to peer over the walls at your local Target stores. Attack On Titan Santa Edition.

US Black Friday Crazy Exported To Ireland. [Video]

Black Friday sales in Europe? Yes and Eur-welcome.

Is ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals’ Liquid Soap Real?

Is there really a liquid hand soap that is specially formulated to clean your hands after you touch your genitals?

How A Brit Pictures Black Friday In US.

The ‘How A Brit Pictures Black Friday In US’ picture reminds me that the new LOTR collectors edition is on special….