Meet Arthur – Stray Dog In Ecuador Joins Swedish Adventure Racing Team. [Video]

Watch a sweet video about Arthur the stray dog who joined the Swedish Adventure Racing team in Ecuador and never left.

Climbing A Collapsing Iceberg. [Video]

Climbing a collapsing iceberg is like a real-life video game that I don’t want to play and barely want to watch.

Base Jumper On Fire – All To Sell Fire Protection Gear. [Video]

Devold manufactures and sells fire protection gear. Base jumping in Devold fire protection clothing… while on fire… I don’t get it.

Sponsored Poll: Who Do You Like More – PewDiePie Or Tony Hawk?

It’s YouTube vs X-Games: PewDiePie vs Tony Hawk. Who do you think is more famous? Vote and let us know.

Six Things To Do When It’s Bitch-Ass Cold Outside. [Video]

Henry Reich has gleefully created a video on six things to do outside when it’s really cold. Crappy reviewed his video and made its own recommendation.

The Tattoo League : Fantasy Football League Loser Gets A Tattoo. [Video]

Anyone who has played fantasy football knows the unathletic love to talk smack. The Tattoo League has a solution and it involves a Justin Bieber tattoo.

Man Pounds Nails Through A Board With His Bare Hands. [Video]

When it comes to pounding nails into a board, I still prefer a hammer over a Ukranian.

Watch ‘Best Of The Web 5’ Compilation Video And Go Back To Sleep For 45 Days.

Zapatou condenses hours of viral YouTube videos into one Best of the Web compilation video. He deserves some type of time-saver award.