Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Kicks Out His 2-Year Old For Liking Bengals Receivers. [Instagram]

Little kids have to learn. Watch Andrew Hawkins teach his 2-year old a lesson for still rooting for his former teammates. Tough love!

Who Is The Woman In The ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN Commercial? [Video]

Even LSU Tiger fan sites wanted to know who is woman in the ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN commercial. Her name is Madison…

Love The ‘Alabama’s Going Down’ ESPN Commercial. [Video]

The Alabama and Auburn rivalry is explained perfectly in ESPN’s new ad campaign for the college football national championship.

Crazed Alabama Fan Calls Into Radio Show To Blast Colin Cow-Turd.. Again.

It may be impossible to hate Colin Cowherd as much as Phyllis from Mulga Alabama hates Colin Cowherd. Phyllis ‘Mulga’ hates him!

Chiefs Fan Heckles Pats Fan And Ends With USA USA Chant. [Video]

Welcome to the NFL experience.

Football Banner 20, Pee Wee Football Team 0. [Video]

Running through the banner was not in the playbook.

NFL Gets Jon Stewarted Again And It’s Spectacular. [Video]

Adrian Peterson, Sean Hannity, Michael Sam, Ice-T, Budweiser, Vikings, switches and blow a teammate day all make appearances in this epic Jon Stewart rant.

Wake Forest Uses Kim K And People Mag To Recruit Football Players?

The value of a degree from Wake Forest University just dropped to the floor. That’s what a sextape, reality show and f’d up parenting will do to it.