Cam Newton Focused On Donkey Kong Suh And Nick Fairley… Repeat. [Video]

Cam Newton has figured out how to answer every question in a pre-game press conference. Include a video game reference and former college teammate.

Jon Stewart Nails The NFL For Its Bullshit On The Ray Rice Story. [Video]

Requirements for being commissioner of NFL: look good in suit, bro-shake players during draft and don’t fuck up too badly. (Goodell looks ok in a suit)

Assholish Arizona Football Fan Stomps Out Beach Ball. [Video]

One Arizona football fan pops the beach ball. One Arizona football fan has his heartbroken.

Football Fans Will Snicker At Snickers Commercial With Johnny Manziel. [Video]

Scoring a Snickers commercial is not too shabby for a backup quarterback. We have an alternative ending that might’ve been more entertaining.

Alabama Fan’s ‘I Would Like To Solve The Puzzle’ Shirt Is Just DUMBAS_

An Alabama football fan was so close to creating a masterpiece of a Wheel of Fortune inspired ‘burn’ shirt about Auburn. Unfortunately, he failed.

Jim Harbaugh Must Have Been Adopted… [Video]

A wedding proposal between Baltimore Ravens fans gets interrupted by coach John Harbaugh. Not only did he not yell at them, he even suggested a group hug.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl 43 Champion Shirt.

The NFL makes sure no gear from the losing Super Bowl team goes to waste. Consequently, the Broncos are Super Bowl 43 champs in parts of Africa and Asia.

Footage From Linebacker Helmet Cam Is Reason 7,936 Not To Play Football. [Video]

The Miami Hurricanes put a camera on LB Denzel Perryman’s helmet. What it captures looks like something out of an unpredictable human crash-test video.