Crocodile Kills Golfer In ‘Find Most Golf Balls’ Challenge.

No, he wasn’t retrieving just his golf ball; he was competing with his playing partner to see who could retrieve the most golf balls. Hello, Darwin Awards.

Video Of Animals Interrupting Golf. [Video]

We turned their home into a golf course, they get to interrupt our golf tournament.

Eagle Stole My Golf Ball! Eagle Flies Away With Golf Ball. [Video]

Instead of a golfer getting an ‘eagle’ – here is an example of an eagle getting a golfer’s ball. I sure hope his playing partners gave him an eagle.

Probably Drunk, Angry Golfer Breaks His Golf Clubs. [Video]

Watch this golfer drunkenly break his golf clubs because as every golfer knows, it’s never the player that sucks … always the club.

Trick Golf Shots Shot With GoPro. [Video]

The Bryan brothers get to hit trick golf shots on an empty golf course. Trick golf shots – yawn…. getting to play on an empty golf course – amazing!

Golfer Hits Drone Out Of The Sky Just Because. [Video]

Believe it or not, hitting a drone out of the sky with a golf ball is an ad for an investment firm. Establishing a connection is unimportant.

Why Golfer Rickie Fowler Always Wear Orange.

Turns out we were all wrong about PGA golfer Rickie Fowler. His choice of orange outfits isn’t because he’s a hipster.

The Happy Gilmore Swing: Pro Golfers Hitting A Golf Ball Like Happy Gilmore.

As Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler made the slap-shot swing look so easy. How will professional golfers fare using the Happy Gilmore swing?