Young Bruins Fan – Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You… [Video]

Watch a young Boston Bruins fan, decked out in Bruins gear, fist bump his favorite players as they leave the ice. Simple. Fun. Awesome.

Hug And A Beer Hockey Fight Ends Like An AXE Commercial. [Video]

Got psyched to watch a hockey fight and an AXE commercial broke out.

Grab A Seat Hockey Fan. [Video]

A hockey spectator pounding on the glass is seated by hockey players pounding the glass. Awesome replays.

Hockey Brawl Ends With A High-Five And The Combatants Hugging It Out. [Video]

Are you not entertained?

Bieber Schools Manager In Basketball. [Video]

Ankle-breaking is an understatement. Watch Biebs’ crossover blow his manager off his feet in this hoaxy Instagram.

Hockey Hair Rated – Love It. [Video]

The real winners of Minnesota’s state high school hockey tournament appear in the ‘4th Annual Hockey Hair Team’ video. It’s all about the flow.

Hockey Helmet Thief Is Our Drunk Of The Year! [Video]

If given the chance 1000 times, I don’t think I’d ever consider taking a hockey player’s helmet off and putting it on my head. This guy does it first time.

The Happy Gilmore Swing: Pro Golfers Hitting A Golf Ball Like Happy Gilmore.

As Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler made the slap-shot swing look so easy. How will professional golfers fare using the Happy Gilmore swing?