Dumbass Kangaroos Street Fight. [Video]

Watch this video of the kangaroos street fight and answer one question: isn’t kangaroos fighting in the street what you expected of Australia?

Double Nut Shot From Fight Church Film. [Animated Gif]

How does god decide who to pull for when both fighters are asking for his assistance? In this case, god evens it out – both fighters get a nut shot.

Three Penguin Slap Fight Doesn’t End With A Flourish. [Video]

Watching a three penguin slap fight is right up there with watching grass grow, paint dry and curling.

Attacking The Groin Video Is The Best Nutshot Video Ever Made! [Video]

‘100 Ways To Attack The Groin’ is a nutshot masterpiece. Men, get ready to feel the pain. Women, find out how to deliver it.

‘Fight Church’ Movie – Faith And MMA, Pastors Fighting Pastors. [Video]

The documentary Fight Church explores the conflict between faith and violence in bloodsports like MMA.

Fart Submission Move – One Grappler Farts The Other Vomits. [Video]

Watch one mixed martial artist use some awful gas as a weapon during a pre-fight warmup. Watch the other MMA’r puke because of seldom used move.