Middle School? Adam Sandler Voted Most Popular Yearbook Photo.

A mom tells her son that she went to school with Adam Sandler. Produces the yearbook and then it really gets weird.

Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins In Venezuela.

Venezuela’s teen pregnancy rate is the highest in South America. One store is using its window display to shock people into action.

Worst End To A High School Football Game Ever!! [Video]

A high school quarterback, on the verge of winning a playoff game, makes a mistake that costs his team the game. It can’t get much worse than this.

Is There A Free App That Solves Math Problems? Yes. [Video]

What a cool idea. PhotoMath isn’t going to be perfect at solving math problems but it should be a good study aid. Watch the video of how it works.

Crime Or YouTube Channel – Throwing Dildos At Teen Girls?

There is a fine line between crime and YouTube channel and this dumbass in Wisconsin just crossed it.

Dance Like The Camera Is Rolling And You’re On Live TV. [Video]

Kid dancing for the live TV feed is a kid dancing for the live TV feed. Nobody is getting hurt and he’s having a blast!

Aftermath Of A Massive 2000 Guest Rave In Western Michigan. [Video]

For parents with small children – watch this video, kiss your kids and never

Toddler Leads Applause At Camp Rockmont. [Video]

Watch a 15-month old lead a group of 500 boys in a game of applause.