Survival Guide: Elephant Charge. [Video]

The ‘best’ best way is to avoid being in a place with wild elephants. If you screwed that up, here’s your next best option.

Best Way To Calculate How Much To Tip After A Meal: Just Write ‘Math.’

‘Math’ is the answer and don’t be cheap.

An Honest ‘FREE STUFF’ Sign.

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Ingenious Way To Get Your $$$ Back: ‘Please Return This Bill To Me… I Am Very Poor.’

Phoenix retiree figures out the nicest way to take your money from you.

Life Lesson: Don’t Buy Chocolate-Dipped ‘Portobello’ Mushrooms From Strangers.

“Giraffes are chasing me down the hill.”

Amazing Google Street View Hyperlapse Video Set To Appropriate Music. [VIDEO]

Find out how you can create your own hyperlapse video using existing Google data.

An International Guide To Drinking And Curing Hangovers.

This is a public service announcement:’s colorful and simple ‘Hangover cures and the calorific cost of booze’ infographic.