Extreme Cat Makeover – Turn Your Cat Into An Egyptian Looking Cat.

Have you ever said to yourself: ‘Geez, my cat is boring and plain looking. I wish it would like like those Egyptian cats.’ With a little garbage, it can!

Take Notes – Larry King Turns On The Charm Machine.

How do you tell your wife you love her? By letting her know she would’ve been one heck of a hooker.

How To Fillet A Halibut In Under A Minute. [Video]

I’ve been on charter fishing trips and I’ve seen some impressive filleting but this deckhand is better than the rest.

Grandpa Proof Remote.

A little painters tape and grandpa will be changing channels (and nothing else) like a pro.

Crazy Ways People Feed Their Baby – Phone Mounted On Head. [Video]

Parents will do anything to get their relatively newborns to eat and sleep. Wearing a phone on your forehead is probably one technique to avoid.

Utah WR Drops The Football Before Crossing Goal Line. Oregon Recovers Scores TD. [Video]

Utah’s WR screwed up and dropped the football before he crossed the goal. Oregon ran it back 99 yards for a touchdown while the WR celebrated his fumble

How To Scare Korean People In Korea. [Video]

Scaring people in Korea is a two-step process: the scare and then the reveal.

Museum Selfie Or Art Selfie Or Museum Art Selfie?

Art museum art selfie, or whatever you want to call it, will make visiting an art museum a lot more entertaining.