Wearing Caffeinated Underwear Will Not Help You Lose Weight – FTC

Strike ‘caffeinated underwear’ off the list of possible weight loss techniques.

Germany vs China – Why The ‘But This One’s Cheaper’ Argument Doesn’t Work. [Video]

Buying products based on price? Here’s a video comparing Chinese made vs German made ball bearings. As a VW owner, I’m baffled by the results.

Best Of The Best Walking Dead Zombie Kills Compilation Video.

Skip the blah blah chatter from The Walking Dead and just get the zombie killing in this one stop zombie kill compilation video.

Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6. [Video]

‘Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6’ is not the first bending and breaking iPhone 6 video and it won’t be the last bending and breaking iPhone 6 video.

Dog Fight Ends When Attacking Dog Gets A Finger Up The Ass. [Video]

This story runs the gamut – there’s a dog fight, missing toes, stitches, ass-play and a sprinkling of nuttiness.

Parking Like An Asshole Next To A Corvette That’s Parked By An Asshole. [Video]

That guy who parks his Corvette like an asshole just got out-assholed by a guy who parked his SUV like an asshole to an asshole.

Mad About Crack Prices Going Up? Turn In Your Dealer.

Is your crack dealer gouging you? Turn him in and take your chances with another crack dealer.

Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier – Camerman Shoots Hot Chick’s Butt. [Video]

Somebody used their zoom lens to capture an epic video of an amazing event. Once you get through all the surfing blah blah – check out the chick’s butt.