Wade Boggs Drinking Beers On Always Sunny?

Always Sunny is coming back for their ??? season and I can’t wait! Here’s Charlie explaining the first ‘new’ episode on the Tonight Show.

Boeing Plane Built From Manilla Folders And Paper.

When you see the detail that went into Luca Iaconi-Stewart’s manilla folder and paper built Boeing 777, you’ll wonder what deal he made with aliens.

Almost Six Hour Commercial About Being Bored On A Plane. [Video]

Virgin America made a commercial the length of time it takes to travel from Newark to San Francisco. It’s about boring air travel and we [don’t] get it.

Water Bomber Puts Out Vehicle Fire. [Video]

Amazing video of a water bomber, that is normally used to douse forest fires, putting out a grader and transport truck fire on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

New Ebola Don’t – Sneeze On A Plane And Say You Were Just In Africa. [Video]

So a guy made a post-sneeze joke about being in Africa recently and got 2319’d off the airline. Save the rest of us dummies from making the same mistake.

Video Of Teen Stowaway Getting Off The Airplane In Hawaii.

Watch the 15-year old stowaway get off the plane and wobble around the runway like 1/3 of the actual passengers do.

Bird Hits Plane’s Windshield At 170 MPH. [Video]

Bird Hits Plane’s Windshield – Watch Pilot Rob Weber make a safe landing after hitting a bird while traveling at 170 mph.

Steve Brule’s First Airplane Trip – Farts, Barf And Funny. [Video]

The latest ‘Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule’ finds Dr. Brule on a plane for the first time and it’s greatness.