Can You Drive With A Tire Boot On Your Car?

A woman driving a BMW decides to take off with a tire boot on her car. Fortunately, she was auditioning for a show that appreciates stupidity.

Plumbing Truck From Texas Used By Extremist In Syria.

A plumbing company in Texas City finds out one of their old work trucks ended up in Syria. How? Because people are stupid and called and threatened them.

The Don’t Jerk And Drive Campaign Is Real. [Video]

The South Dakota Highway Safety Dept. has put together a nice campaign encouraging drivers NOT to Jerk And Drive. Jerk and Drive – really?

Self-Driving Cars Thwarted By Rain. [Video]

Never thought about weather being an issue. Plan B: Bigger drones that will transport us to work.

23 Minutes Of Shitty Driving – Angry Driver Films Bad Driver In Michigan. [Video]

Watch an asshole driver repeatedly break the traffic laws of Michigan. It’s called recidivism – repeat offender.

Found Out Why Prius Drivers In Texas Express Self-Hate.

‘Cool Prius – Nobody’ bumper sticker on a Texas Prius now makes sense to me. The self-loathing is spurred by hate driving around them.

Water Bomber Puts Out Vehicle Fire. [Video]

Amazing video of a water bomber, that is normally used to douse forest fires, putting out a grader and transport truck fire on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Parking Like An Asshole Next To A Corvette That’s Parked By An Asshole. [Video]

That guy who parks his Corvette like an asshole just got out-assholed by a guy who parked his SUV like an asshole to an asshole.