The Best Jump Off A Bike And Punch A Kid Video Ever! [NSFW]

This ‘Jump Off A Bike And Punch A Kid Video’ is from June 2014 but it’s so creative, it’ll play well for years to come. NSFW (Language)

Cyclist Confronts Bad Driver. Driver says ‘Sir I Have A Parrot Dying On Me.’ [Video]

Add ‘dying parrot’ to the list of explanations / excuses for being a poor driver.

Man Stuck In Car Windshield: Hello, I’m The Guy You Hit On The Bicycle. [Video]

The story about the Manitowoc man who hit a guy on a tricycle and drove home with him lodged in the windshield might be the craziest story of 2014.

Dave Matthews Fans Pick Up Hitchhiking Dave Matthews And Take Him To His Concert.

On the ‘awesome’ scale, picking up a hitchhiking Dave Matthews on your way to a Dave Matthews concert is off the chart.

Tagging The Bike Lane.

Tagging the bike lane – cyclist will appreciate and honor this tagged bike lane symbol.

Custom Time Machine Bicycle For Sale On Craigslist.

Basic bike riding skills a MUST!!!

Stolen Bike Returned To Owner With Apology Letter And Expired Free Chocolate Crunch Cake Coupon.

Expired Dominos’ coupon or not, it’s the ‘returning a stolen bike’ that counts.