Getting On A Train With A Boner… Prank. [Video]

Watching this Brazilian guy getting on a train with a boner is the funniest video you’ll see this week.

Chicago Train Derailment Video.

The traveler, who just made up the escalator before the train hit, is a very lucky man.

Pepsi Bus Stop Prank With Meteors, Spaceships, Lions And Giant Octopus. [Video]

Another unbelievable video from Pepsi Max that tricks bus riders into thinking giant robots and spaceships are attacking earth.

TGV Train Arrives At Next Station With Body Stuck To Its Grill.

Passengers waiting to catch the next train were horrified when it arrived with the body of a cyclist stuck to its front.

Train Ride From London To Brighton Filmed 30 Years Apart (1953, 1983, 2013) [Video]

Cool point-of-view video of a train ride from London to Brighton set to music from The Chemical Brothers.

Russian Subway Doors Stay Open While Train Is Moving. [Video]

Subway doors on this train in Russia don’t close. ‘In Russia’ joke becomes real!

Photoshop Bus Stop Prank: Artist Photoshops Riders Into Ads While They Wait. [Video][

Photoshop bus stop prank is another reminder to never mess with a Photoshop artist.

Mass Transit Riding Homeless Dogs Of Russia.

Sad and hopeful: After a long day of scavenging for food, stray dogs in Russia hop the train in search of food.