12-Week Old Puppy Survives One Month W/O Food Or Water In An Impounded Car. [Video]

Great survival story about Kia.

Marketing 101: ‘Help us we’re overstocked! – Rap from Quirk Cars.’ [Video]

“We’ve got cars on cars on cars on cars… cars on cars on cars on cars.”

Finally: A Russian Dashcam Compilation Video We Want To See. [Video]

Taking the insane Russian dashcam video craze to the positive end of the spectrum.

‘I Have A Bad Feeling About This Flight…’

For the former cast of Lost, commercial flights are a bitch!

Stolen Bike Returned To Owner With Apology Letter And Expired Free Chocolate Crunch Cake Coupon.

Expired Dominos’ coupon or not, it’s the ‘returning a stolen bike’ that counts.

Good Guy vs Badass Alien: Batman Motorcycle Helmet Or Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Batman or Predator? Personally, I’d take the dreads. [Gizmodo and Helmet Dawg]

Mass Transit Riding Homeless Dogs Of Russia.

Sad and hopeful: After a long day of scavenging for food, stray dogs in Russia hop the train in search of food.

Woman Dances While Waiting For A Bus. [VIDEO]

We should all be this happy about mass transit.