23 Minutes Of Shitty Driving – Angry Driver Films Bad Driver In Michigan. [Video]

Watch an asshole driver repeatedly break the traffic laws of Michigan. It’s called recidivism – repeat offender.

Bus Tour Guide In San Francisco Says Goodbye To Chinatown. [Video]

Watch a tour bus guide unload some hate on her last day of work in Chinatown. Holy crap!

We Have A Date For The Guy Whose iPhone 6 Bent And Caught Fire.

The iPhone 6 that caught fire in an Arizona man’s pants involved a rickshaw and onlookers. Solution: avoid rickshaws until Apple gives them the all clear.

Getting On A Train With A Boner… Prank. [Video]

Watching this Brazilian guy getting on a train with a boner is the funniest video you’ll see this week.

Found Out Why Prius Drivers In Texas Express Self-Hate.

‘Cool Prius – Nobody’ bumper sticker on a Texas Prius now makes sense to me. The self-loathing is spurred by hate driving around them.

Almost Six Hour Commercial About Being Bored On A Plane. [Video]

Virgin America made a commercial the length of time it takes to travel from Newark to San Francisco. It’s about boring air travel and we [don’t] get it.

Over-Loaded Truck Driver Is Half Fred G. Sanford And Half Jerky Boy. [Video]

The Fourth Amendment prevents unlawful search and seizure but the guy in this video shows why it needs to be amended again. Add the dumbass exception.

Water Bomber Puts Out Vehicle Fire. [Video]

Amazing video of a water bomber, that is normally used to douse forest fires, putting out a grader and transport truck fire on the Trans-Labrador Highway.