20 Years A Lost Luggage – Found! [Video]

Reunited and it feels so good. Maria Dellos gets her lost luggage back after 20 years.

Bus Tour Guide In San Francisco Says Goodbye To Chinatown. [Video]

Watch a tour bus guide unload some hate on her last day of work in Chinatown. Holy crap!

PSA For Chinese Tourists Features Pandas, Peeing And Passing Out. [Video]

China created a PSA so that their tourists behave properly when they are traveling. It wouldn’t hurt for all countries to create a tourism PSA.

Almost Six Hour Commercial About Being Bored On A Plane. [Video]

Virgin America made a commercial the length of time it takes to travel from Newark to San Francisco. It’s about boring air travel and we [don’t] get it.

New Ebola Don’t – Sneeze On A Plane And Say You Were Just In Africa. [Video]

So a guy made a post-sneeze joke about being in Africa recently and got 2319’d off the airline. Save the rest of us dummies from making the same mistake.

Third Interstellar Trailer Expands On Replacement Earth Story. [Video]

Interstellar is due out November 7th.

Man Drives His Mom And Dead Girlfriend From Arizona To Michigan.

Weekend at Bernies meets Road Trip when a Michigan man decides to complete his cross country trip with his dead girlfriend and still-living mom.

New Trailer For Interstellar. [Video]

The new trailer for Interstellar is out. Interstellar follows the travels of explorers through a newly discovered wormhole to reach deep space. Contact 2?