Hooray For 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video

Nothing better captures a season of NFL like the Bad Lip Reading videos.

Watch This Video And Find Out What Was Going On In 1998.

Remember 1998 is a compilation video of everything that happened in 1998.

Bunch Of Old People Dancing. [Video]

Go ahead, steal their moves.

Compilation Video Of Drunks Walking Around Like Drunk Zombies. [Video]

Drunks are the best! Never made the drunk and zombie connection but it’s perfect.

Out Of The Relationship Dos And Don’ts – These Are the Don’ts. [Video]

YouTube compilation videos should be your primary source for information on how to maintain a good relationship. Thank you YouTube!

Best Of The Best Walking Dead Zombie Kills Compilation Video.

Skip the blah blah chatter from The Walking Dead and just get the zombie killing in this one stop zombie kill compilation video.

The Always Sunny Goddamn Its Supercut Video. [Video]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my go-to show on Netflix. Not because of the ‘Goddamn Its’ but the ‘goddamn its’ don’t hurt.

The Dumbass Edition Of The Ice Bucket Challenge. [Compilation Video]

Dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and knowing about the cause your doing it for are two different things. Need proof? Watch this compilation vid.