2014 Internet Video Review Compilation

Turns out that you can miss the entire internet for a year and still watch all of the viral videos in 6+ minutes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Memorized ‘David After Dentist’ And Nails It. [Video]

For the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel had actors dramatically recreate viral YouTube videos. Only one memorized the whole bit and performed it without cue cards.

For My Kids: Ylvis Perform ‘What Does The Fox Say’ On Jimmy Fallon. [Video]

Avoided Ylvis’s ‘What Does the Fox Say’ the first time around. Now, I’m getting RickRoll’d by the song daily. Hopefully, with this post, it’ll now end.

How To Make Viral YouTube Videos Of Your Kids. Thx Child Services. [Video]

Child Services is the bizarro CPS – they exist to exploit your kids on the internet; not protect them.

FAIL Prank: Twerking Girl Who Caught On Fire Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel hit the internet trifecta when he created the ‘twerking girl who catches on fire’ video – it’s an organically viral prank FAIL video.

Watch ‘Best Of The Web 5’ Compilation Video And Go Back To Sleep For 45 Days.

Zapatou condenses hours of viral YouTube videos into one Best of the Web compilation video. He deserves some type of time-saver award.

Photoshop Bus Stop Prank: Artist Photoshops Riders Into Ads While They Wait. [Video][

Photoshop bus stop prank is another reminder to never mess with a Photoshop artist.

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