4-Year Old Little Kid Working The Nunchucks Like Bruce Lee – Video

Watch a 4-year old little boy work the nunchucks exactly as Bruce Lee works the nunchucks on the TV screen behind him.

Frigate About It – Norwegian Navy Launches Missile At Frigate. [Video]

Watch a video from 2013 of a Norwegian frigate taking a direct missile to its stern-side.

(IF) War With Martians Happened 100 Years Ago (IT WOULD’VE) Looked Like This [Video]

The Great Martian War? WTF? I blame the man for keeping this information from us.

Real-Life Portal Gun Duel Is Amazingly Fun And Slightly Gory. [Video]

Man vs man Portal battle goes from a living room to a car and then to the moon.

Guy MacGyver’s A Bomb Out Of Stuff You Can Buy In An Airport After Security Screening. [Video]

Pretty wicked video created by Evan Booth of the ‘Fragguccino’ frag-grenade being built with items available AFTER you go through airport security.

First Official RoboCop Trailer. [Video]

Looks like the RoboCop remake will have an updated story and involve family. Gunplay and explosions seem about the same.

Massive Russian Hovercraft Landing On A Beach. [Video]

Only in Russia will you get interrupted by a 200′ Zubr hovercraft while you’re out sunbathing. Craziest part of the video: nobody is shocked.

Typhoon Fighter Jet Makes A Low Landing. Spectators Freaked.

Outside the gate spectators at the RAF Waddington Air Show get to experience the show like they’re on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.