Video Without Music Is Better Than Videos With Music. [Video]

Watch Snoop Snoop and Ferrel perform Drop It Like It’s Hot in a video without music.

How Do The French Celebrate Halloween? [Video]

Let Rémi Gaillard explain how the French celebrate Halloween. First you get a Chucky mask, then a chainsaw and then another killer and you French it up!

Angry Customer Experience Reenacted. [Video]

Funny reenactment of a YouTube video from an angry Bath and Body Works customer. It’s all about candles and not having candles you said you have.

Crime Or YouTube Channel – Throwing Dildos At Teen Girls?

There is a fine line between crime and YouTube channel and this dumbass in Wisconsin just crossed it.

Almost Six Hour Commercial About Being Bored On A Plane. [Video]

Virgin America made a commercial the length of time it takes to travel from Newark to San Francisco. It’s about boring air travel and we [don’t] get it.

Asked Myself ‘What Did I Just See?’ After Watching Putin Depardieu Rub Noses In Gay Bar. [Video]

Creepy ‘user’ video for the song Gay Bar by Electric Six features a world leader, a sheriff/martial artist and a French actor.

Everything Wrong With Guy Now Covers Everything Wrong With Godzilla. [Video]

Everything wrong with the ‘Everything Wrong With’ videos is that they’re too damn long.

Real-Life Portal Gun Duel Is Amazingly Fun And Slightly Gory. [Video]

Man vs man Portal battle goes from a living room to a car and then to the moon.