Combover Kid Makes Kids React Video Worth Watching. [Video]

I didn’t even get through the Kids React to Skip-It toy because I was stopped in my tracks by combover kid. Old school toys meet old man hairdo.

Attacking The Groin Video Is The Best Nutshot Video Ever Made! [Video]

‘100 Ways To Attack The Groin’ is a nutshot masterpiece. Men, get ready to feel the pain. Women, find out how to deliver it.

Bizarro Prank Has Cheating Boyfriend’s Girlfriend Commiting Fake Suicide. [Video]

It’s going to doubly suck when something bad actually happens and these guys take weeks of denial hoping the prank will play out.

Relax – The Skull Bashing Clown Bit Is Just A Prank. [Video]

Watch a guy, dressed up like a clown, bash some fake heads in and chase people around with a big wooden mallet.

Bailey The Screaming Deaf Dog Meet Laughing Garbage Can Parrots. [Video]

Mix videos of a screaming deaf dog and some garbage can climbing, laughing parrots together and you’ve got YouTube perfection.

‘Kill Bill’ With Kids!

Don’t ask why a scene from ‘Kill Bill’ was re-enacted with kids; you just watch it, hug your own kids and be thankful they’re not in it.

Audio From Godzilla 2014 Trailer Added To Godzilla 1954. [Video]

Bryan Cranston-san is featured in this revised trailer for Godzilla (Gojira) 1954.

Jesus Strong – Cross Fit By Jesus Is Basically CrossFit By Jesus. [Video]

WWJD to build lean muscle mass and increase aerobic stamina? Cross Fit by Jesus probably isn’t it.