Cats Putting Up With Dogs. [Video]

Video compilation of cat-loving dogs trying to be friends with temperamental cats.

April Fools – Just Jimmy Kimmel Encouraging People To Be Mean… Again. [Video]

The Jimmy’s edition of Goofus and Gallant. Jimmy Kimmel likes videos people being dicks. Jimmy Fallon likes to have dance offs with Justin Timberlake.

Interviewing Logan.. Emma Watson Prank Is The Best. [Video]

What would you do if you were pranked into meeting the person on top of your famous person bucket list? YouTuber Joven met Emma Watson and it’s great.

Eating An Entire Bottle Of Cinnamon.

Watching Furious Pete’s videos is like watching a deliberate car crash. Eating an entire bottle of cinnamon is no different.

Prepare For Season 4 And Get Caught Up With Game Of Thrones In 9-Minutes. [Video]

The Fine Brothers want you to get caught up with what’s happened in the first three seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ with a 9-minutes recap.

Serial Urinator Police Sketch – Annoying Orange Is Peeing On People?

Police put together a sketch of a Florida man who has been peeing on people. He doesn’t appear to be armed but he’s extremely annoying.

246 Dancing Scenes In Movies. [Video]

Set to the Bee Gee’s ‘You Should Be Dancing,’ watch 246 dancing scenes in movies. From Saturday Night Fever to Home Alone… Home Alone?

Brother Loses Bet And Dances In A Busy Intersection. [Video]

Andrew Wilcox lost a bet to his younger brother. He paid up by dancing to Gangnam Style and other songs, picked by his brother, for 30 minutes.