For My Kids: Ylvis Perform ‘What Does The Fox Say’ On Jimmy Fallon. [Video]

Avoided Ylvis’s ‘What Does the Fox Say’ the first time around. Now, I’m getting RickRoll’d by the song daily. Hopefully, with this post, it’ll now end.

One Minute Of Ripped Off Songs Played At The Same Time As The Original. [Video]

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… unless you’re hacking another band’s work and making $ off of it. Nickelback may be the only true artist.

‘Red Hot Nickel Ball’ Videos: Burn, Melt, Boil. [Video]

I finally watched the Red Hot Nickel Ball videos and a red hot nickel ball will burn, melt or boil everything. In popcorn? No popping; just more burning.

Time Suck Of The Day : 13 Bizarrely Interesting Documentaries On YouTube [Video]

The Daily Dot has posted a collection of ‘The 13 craziest documentaries on YouTube’ and they’ll keep you inside all day if you try to watch them all.

Sylvester The Talking Cat Meets Izzy The Talking Kitten. [Video]

It’s like watching the old talking-monkey show ‘Lancelot Link – Secret Chimp’ but with talking cats. Here, Sylvester is a total ass to new kitten Izzy.