Compilation Video Of Drunks Walking Around Like Drunk Zombies. [Video]

Drunks are the best! Never made the drunk and zombie connection but it’s perfect.

Zombies Boobies – Zomboobies. [Video]

President Obama should be happy he dropped in the recent polls, otherwise, this would’ve been called Barack BOOBama POTUS. Zomboobies was second choice.

Actors Play Out A YouTube Comment War Over Harry Styles Being Gay, Not Gay…. [Video]

Actors dramatically recreate a YouTube comment war between ‘Sophie Danze’ and Jilianlovesthebeibs about Harry Styles being gay.. not gay.. gay.. not gay…

Death Hacks For Zombies From ‘DED Talk: A TED Talk For Zombies’ [Video]

It’s not easy being a zombie and now one zombie wants to better other zombies with his own DED Talk.

Sneak Peek: ‘World War Z’ Extended Clip. [Video]

Charging people to watch the extended clip for ‘World War Z’ would be reasonable.

Cargo: Short Film About A Soon-To-Be Zombie Father’s Sacrifice And Love For His Non-Zombie Daughter. [VIDEO]

If IKEA made a short film about Zombies, it would be the universally thoughtful and dialogue-free Cargo.