Video Of Universal Studios Japan Attack On Titan Attraction.

Attack On Titan Universal Studios Japan

For the Attack On Titanians, there’s an attraction at Universal Studios Japan now. Watching your fellow Titanians may be the primary attraction.

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Hooray For 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video

Bad Lip Reading NFL 2015

Nothing better captures a season of NFL like the Bad Lip Reading videos.

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The Best Jump Off A Bike And Punch A Kid Video Ever! [NSFW]

Jump Off Bike Punch Video

This ‘Jump Off A Bike And Punch A Kid Video’ is from June 2014 but it’s so creative, it’ll play well for years to come. NSFW (Language)

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If Vince Neil And Nikki Sixx Ran Into Justin Bieber, It Would Go Something Like This…

Nikki Sixx Meeting Justin Bieber

It’s like the ‘If You Gave A Mouse A Cookie’ book but with Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil and the cookie is Justin Bieber.

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Fixed The ‘My Wife Is A Hot Green Bay Fan’ Hoodie

Wife Is A Hot Green Bay Fan Hoodie

The Packers lost ugly in the NFC Championship game. The hoodie for HOT, and not PSYCHOTIC, Green Bay fans had to be fixed so it could be worn year round.

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Dog Can’t Read

The best stuff on imgur requires the least amount of thought. Dog Can’t Read is one of the best.

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Deflatriots – NFL Says Patriots Deflated 11 Of 12 Footballs From AFC Championship.

NFL - Patriots Deflate Footballs

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the NFL has found that the Patriots did deflate the footballs they used in the AFC Championship. Dick move? Yes.

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Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook

Cookbook Hide The Sausage

Some stuff on imgur is just plain old fake like the Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook. Didn’t stop this guy’s grandma from owning it though.

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