USPS Commercial Explains Why We Don’t Use USPS. [Video]

The USPS is marketing their services in their own USPS kind of way and it’s bizarro marketing at its worst!

World’s Worst Stuntman Can’t Get Auto Insurance. [Video]

The World’s Worst Stuntman, Captain Risky, is not insured with Budget Direct. Find out why.

Odd Pairings – Paul Stanley Of Kiss In A Folgers Coffee Commercial.

After watching a couple episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, this Paul Stanley Folgers Coffee commercial makes sense. Kiss is for sale.

Nutshot Commercials Are The Best – Free Gift With Razors. [Video]

You don’t need to know much about the product or service that is being pitched just that it’s being sold with a nutshot commercial. More nutshots!

Is This Blonde Singaporean The Face Of Pepsi In Singapore?

Pepsi Singapore – please let this be real. If it isn’t, please make it happen.

Amazon Echo Parody – The Amazon Echo Promo Video We Wanted. [Video]

The Amazon Echo could be a cool product. The promo video used to introduce the Echo was pretty weak. The Amazon Echo parody video shows why.

Microsoft Wants Its Money Back – Surface Tablets Make Great iPad Stands.

One of the great features of the Surface Tablet is its ability to stand… and hold your preferred iPad.

The ‘Put On A Play With Your Dead Mice’ Commercial Is Dumb But… [Video]

The TOMCAT brand rodent trap company is making some god awful commercials about re-animating dead mice. Therefore, I’ll only by rodent traps from…???