Who Is The Woman In The ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN Commercial? [Video]

Even LSU Tiger fan sites wanted to know who is woman in the ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN commercial. Her name is Madison…

Air Umbrella Was A Great Idea Until I Watched The Kickstarter Video.

Check out the umbrella game changer – the Air Umbrella.

Love The ‘Alabama’s Going Down’ ESPN Commercial. [Video]

The Alabama and Auburn rivalry is explained perfectly in ESPN’s new ad campaign for the college football national championship.

Mr. Bean Has A Snickers Commercial. [Video]

Snickers chose wisely when they got Mr. Bean to star in their ‘you need a Snickers’ commercial.

Handies Just Got Cleaner, Lubier And Weirder With The Handie. [Video]

Yes, The Handie is probably a joke but if it isn’t, the lonely dudes behind The Handie are killing half of their market.

Football Fans Will Snicker At Snickers Commercial With Johnny Manziel. [Video]

Scoring a Snickers commercial is not too shabby for a backup quarterback. We have an alternative ending that might’ve been more entertaining.

Rabbit Skin Billboard Used To Pitch Rabbit Pizza.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand created a one of a kind billboard to sell their rabbit pizza. It includes rabbit skins and a prayer for now rain.

Hairy Women Targeted By VEET Commercial. Hairy Men Too. [Video]

I would’ve never seen VEET’s ‘Don’t Risk Dudeness’ ad had it not been for so many people complaining about it. VEET’s diabolical marketing plan is winning.