Increasing Denmark’s Low Birth Rate By Encouraging Travel Sex. [Video]

Find out more about ‘Do It For Denmark!’ from Danish travel agency Spies.

Gum Commercial Features Giant Cat Carrying A Man Around. [Video]

LOTTE makes sweet snack foods. Markets them with a giant cat carrying a man to work.

Base Jumper On Fire – All To Sell Fire Protection Gear. [Video]

Devold manufactures and sells fire protection gear. Base jumping in Devold fire protection clothing… while on fire… I don’t get it.

Lawyer’s Commercial About Representing Criminals And Loving It. [Video]

Knowing his market niche and subtle nuanced audience shifts during brainstorming sessions – oh fuck it, this lawyer represents crooks.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Is Back And ‘It’s Sure To Pay Off For You.’ [Video]

We’ve translated the 2012 VTB Big Hunka Love Bear commercial and it’s pretty simple: buy the big stuffed bear for your wife and have lots of sex forever.

Two-Minute Super Bowl Ad For Lawyer In Georgia. [Video]

Jamie Casino is making the transition from defending people that fill ambulances to just chasing them.

Top 10 Super Bowl Ads- 80’s Radio Shack To Colbert Pitching Pistachios. [Video]

Rather than searching all over YouTube for the best ads from Super Bowl 48, Mediocre Films puts them all in one video for Super Bowl Commercial Fans.

Jaguar Super Bowl Commercial – All The Villains Are Played By Brits. [Video]

Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston, Ben ‘Mandarin’ Kingsley and Mark ‘Kick-Ass Bad Guy’ Strong want you to know that ‘bad is good’ when it comes to the car your drive.