Job Interview Fake Meteor Prank. LG Still Biggest Dicks In Electronics. [Video]

First it’s hot chicks laughing at guys peeing and then, unborn babies gave expectant parents the finger. Now LG is using end of the world to sell TVS.

Cat Adoption Commercial Tells Why You Should / Shouldn’t Adopt A Cat. [Video]

Got hairballs? Adopt a cat. Not doing anything on Saturday night? Adopt a cat. Miss the smell of stinky poop? Adopt a cat!

Here’s To Change: New HTC Commercial Featuring Robert Downey Jr. [Video]

Will Iron Man be enough star power to make HTC a household name? HTC hopes this can deliver.

Another Weird, Nutty And Funny Japanese Commercial Compilation Video.

These weird commercials from Japan are a perfect example of what happens to creative people who feel the ever present threat of Godzilla.

Is This Ok? Leg-Humping Dog in Bobby Farelly’s Jeep Compass Dog Ad.

Should a dog leg-humping a dog trainer be considered smut? Watch the Jeep Compass commercial and find out what the Australian Adv Stds Bureau decided.

‘Free Sex’ Sign Found Outside A Grocery Store.

Dog owner doesn’t give a f%ck for his dog.

Beardvertising: Should It?

Beardvertising: Gateway drug for Breaking Amish.


A little signage wordplay. What is ‘New China Super Buffet’ hiding?