Meet The World’s Drunkest Man. [Video]

The World’s Drunkest Man is trying to commit suicide. Wonder how it works out for him…

Dog Opens Fridge And Retrieves Beer That’s Empty And Comes In A Koozie. [Video]

Watch an Australian cattle dog named Bandit grab its owner a beer with just a ‘I’m parched’ command.

Katie ‘Six Beers’ Nolan Is A Good Golf Swing Away From Being Perfect. [Video]

Watch Katie Nolan do what Madison Bumgarner couldn’t – ACTUALLY drink six beers at one time.

Compilation Video Of Drunks Walking Around Like Drunk Zombies. [Video]

Drunks are the best! Never made the drunk and zombie connection but it’s perfect.

Probably Drunk, Angry Golfer Breaks His Golf Clubs. [Video]

Watch this golfer drunkenly break his golf clubs because as every golfer knows, it’s never the player that sucks … always the club.

Drunk Fishing Contest Found Its Winner. [Video]

There is a fishing wasted competition in Belgium and the winner gets a BOOZ trophy. I wonder how it’ll look on this drunk fisherman’s mantle…

Superman Breaks Up A Fight Of Probably Drunk Dudes. [Video]

Fortunately, this fight between drunkies didn’t require Superman to use any super powers.

Drunk vs Fence. [Video]

This could almost be a ‘don’t drink’ PSA.