Kaiju Bar In Japan. [Video]

Booze it up with your favorite TV / movie monster at the Kaiju Sakaba. As a paid service, this bar should let the drunks battle a kaiju.

Social Networking App For Drunks Was Fake – Sorry Drunks. [Video]

Unfortunately, the Livr app is fake. Even more unfortunate, the apps Livr’s creators were poking fun at aren’t fake.

George Lopez’s Response For Passing Out On A Casino Floor Is Awesome.

The photo of George Lopez sleeping it off on the floor of the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino made the rounds today. Mr. Lopez’s response should to.

Cheap Beers Reviewed By A Wine Expert. [Video]

Watch wine sommelier Whitney Adams taste test some of the keg-bottomest, cheapest ass’d beers around.

Attacked For Wearing Google Glass. [Video]

Google Glass wearer Sarah Slocum believes she was the victim of a hate crime by people who hate being filmed and hate having their privacy violated.

How To Fail The Sobriety Test Before Taking The Sobriety Test. [Video]

Recite the alphabet backwards and the tilted-head hand to nose tests were never needed with this poor drunk. The holding the tape measurer test did him in.

Anus Pepper Spray: Carjacker Gives Up After His Anus Is Pepper Sprayed. [Video]

When pepper spraying a perpetrator’s face doesn’t work, pepper spray their anus – they’ll give up immediately. Police need a de-pantsing specialist now.

Skull-Shaped Crystal Head Vodka Bottle Face.

A forensic artist constructed the face of a man from the skull-shaped Crystal Head Vodka bottle and it’s mostly creepy and then it’s kind of normal.