Bed Catapult Prank Near Mt. Fuji Japan. [Video]

Prank shows in Japan turn it up to an 11. Watch a sleeping drunk get catapulted in his bed with Mt. Fuji as a witness.

Marshawn Lynch, Fireball And The Great Seahawk Super Bowl Parade. [Video]

Lessons learned from the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade – watch it on TV.

Woman Offers Beer And Cigarettes To Find Her Lost Dog And It Works.

The 16 year old boys in Dayton mobilized like never before. Grids, maps, walkie talkies – all in an effort to get the beer and ciggies and oh, find a dog,

Budweiser ‘And Then There Were 4’ Tweet Forgets Patriots And Seahawks Won.

When Peyton Manning mentioned in his postgame press conference that he was going to have a Bud Light – Bud Light got all giddy and sent out a dumb tweet.

Female Bama Fan Goes Absolutely Nuts On OU Fans. [Video]

Watch the crazy scene unfold during last night’s Sugar Bowl. One Bama fan loses her shit and attacks a group of OU football fans.

Video Of Buffalo Bills Fans Posterizing Opposing Fans. [Video]

Bills Fans: If you can’t beat them, posterize them in the parking lot before the game with all of your drunk friends in tow just in case they get pissed.

10-Year Coma Prank Pulled By Friends Of Repeat DUI Offender. [Video]

The 10-year coma prank from Tom Mabe and Jim Clark is part prank and part intervention. Hopefully the message was received by their drunk friend.

Amsterdam Town Drunks Get Paid In Beer, Smokes And Euros To Pick Up Trash.

An organization in Amsterdam is trying to clean up the streets and keep the drunks from fighting. Bingo! Pay the drunks in beer to pickup trash.