Hockey Helmet Thief Is Our Drunk Of The Year! [Video]

If given the chance 1000 times, I don’t think I’d ever consider taking a hockey player’s helmet off and putting it on my head. This guy does it first time.

Triumph Insults His Way Through The Great American Beer Festival. [Video]

Thank goodness for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Everywhere Triumph goes, he says what we’re all thinking – only he’s funnier. You’re up beer snobs.

Secret To Longevity From 110-Year Old Woman: Drink Scotch. [Video]

‘You don’t like scotch? You don’t know what’s good.’

Drunky And His Pizza. [Video]

Oh the good ol’ pre-internet days when you could be a drunk, carrying your pizza and nobody shot video of you.

Sad WSU Cougar Football Fan Drowns Sorrows With Bag Of Popcorn. [Video]

Since no alcohol is sold at college sporting events, college football fans have not choice but to abuse something. In this case, it was popcorn.

Drunky Makes A Contorted Walk Home After A Night Of Boozing. [Video]

He’s drunk level Cirque du Soleil.

Oakland A’s Baby Celebrate MLB Playoffs With Beer Too.

Knowing a little about the Oakland A’s in the 1970’s, this baby drinking a Bud Light makes sense.

Beer Replaces Water: Kegs Of Beer Connected To Every Tap In The House. [Video]

Never thought about running beer through the plumbing in a house until I watched this video. Now, it’s the only thing I want to do.