Drunks Try To Wake Up Passed Out Friend With Fireworks. It Backfires. [Video]

These are the kind of videos that built the internet. No staging or rehearsing; just 100% drunken stupidity captured on video for all to enjoy.

Picking A Guinness Draught Over A Rockstar Energy Drink.

This doesn’t happen on accident. Now, whose can came first: Guinness Draught or Rockstar Energy Drink?

Photo Caption ‘Decisions were made here’ Is Good. Comment Better.

Another gem from imgur that involves Fruit Loops and beer.

10 More Bets You Can Make And Win. [Video]

Watch and enjoy ’10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win’ from Quirkology.

Drunky Wants Police To Arrest Him Because He’s Drunk. [Video]

Video of an honest drunk admitting his guilt between air-motorboating sessions and drunk-dancing.

Making Your Lunch When Your Drunk.

It all made perfect sense the night before: one imgurian invites you into his drunken world of lunch making.

Probably Drunk Russian Guy Goes Bruce Lee On A Street Pole. [Video]

If you’re living in Russia, please add ‘street pole’ to the list of bad Halloween costume ideas.

Bannister Slide FAIL – Guy Slides Down A Bannister Into Table And Vase.

The coolest guy on the planet might’ve made an appearance in this bannister slide FAIL video.