Underage Girl Uses Makeup Skills To Get Into A Bar Without Being Carded.

While most people are trying to look younger in a bar, one underage imgurian made herself look much older to get into a bar. She was successful.

Genius – Churchkey On A Dog Collar

Want to adopt a puppy but having a hard time convincing dad? Churchkey on a dog collar may be the tipping point.

Time To Party: ‘It’s Summer. I’ve Got My Hat On Backwards…’

Time to ring in summertime with backwards hat guy and a little d’oh!

Moones Perform ‘Better Energy’ After 20, 40, 60 And 80 Beers. [Video]

After drinking 12 beers each, Moones perform ‘Better Energy’ like it’s karaoke night at Bobo’s Tavern down the street.

Stump Lake Liquor & Fireworks – What Could Go Wrong?

Most common phrase used by customers of Stump Lake Liquor & Fireworks – ‘Watch this’

Man Chooses Three Months In Prison Over Two Years Of Without Alcohol.

Natural born drunk Milo Manu Felix Wild chooses a three-month prison sentence over a two-year ban on alcohol.

‘Attempted’ Above Ground Pool Jump With A Jeep. [Video]

Attempting to jump over an above ground pool in a Jeep using a wood pallet ramp.

The 999 Challenge: 9 Hot Dogs And 9 Beers In 9 Innings. [Video]

If the food and drink don’t get you, the nine innings of baseball might.