Baltimore Orioles’ Nate McLouth Makes Impressive Catch. Fan Dumbassedly Throws Can Of Beer At Him. [Video]

Sports fans – don’t do this.

Llama Drunk Pict: Guy Wakes Up And Finds This Picture On His Phone….

Drunk: check. Llama: check. Pictures: check. Could’ve been much worse: CHECK!

Picture And Comment Of The Week: The Face Of A Defeated Man.

Teen’ish daughter’s get sexy underwear. Dad checks out.

Mostly Harmless Drunks Fighting In Real-Time – Only Looks Slow Motion. [Video]

Highly unlikely that an Evite was used to organize this party.

Sexy Pool Party. [Video]

What do you get when you combine 2 average looking guys, a dog and a swimming pool? Find out….

Drunk Guy With A Shoe And Car Fondling Problem. [Video]

Keystone Drunk video.

Budweiser’s New ‘Buddy Cup’ Facebook Friends’ You With All Of The Toasted People You Drunkenly Toasted. [Video]

Drunk ‘Friending’ is easier than ever now with Budweiser’s Buddy Cup.

Mariner’s Fan Catches Foul Ball In Beer Cup. Avoids Party Foul And Drinks The Remaining Beer. [VIDEO]

Seattle Mariner’s fan catches Justin Smoak’s foul ball and pours the remaining beer down the front of his shirt/coat.