Reason #15,970 You Won’t Play In The NBA – Kemba Walker Crossover. [Video]

How do you defend against the Kemba Walker crossover? We have three options for you to choose from.

Video From That Drone That Didn’t Crash Into The Space Needle. [Video]

The Space Needle never looked better than in this drone captured video during a sunset in Seattle.

Incredible Blocked Shot – Even If I Could Slam-Dunk, This Would Happen To Me. [Video]

Watch the crowd go nuts when Thomas Robinson blocks Corey Brewer’s slam-dunk attempt. Alley-oop on the other end of the court was the cherry on top.

Mesmerizing Soul Train Line Dance Compilation From 1960’s To 1980’s. [Video]

Watching these couples line dance on Soul Train in the 60’s & 70’s is humbling because I bet even at age 60-70, they can still dance better than me.

Washington Illinois Tornado Filmed As It Heads Toward A House. [Video]

It doesn’t get more real than this footage shot by Marc Wells of the Washington Illinois tornado heading toward his house.

Hail Mary: On 4th Down And 18 Yards To Go, The Auburn Tigers Received A Miracle. [Video]

The Auburn Tigers got a gift, I mean, miracle touchdown today to defeat the Georgia Bulldogs. Ambien sales in Athens must be through the roof.

Martin Manley Documented His Life And His Death On A Website.

Suffering from dementia, Martin Manley committed suicide on his 60th birthday but not before creating a website to introduce himself to the world.

Water Bomber Puts Out Vehicle Fire On Trans-Labrador Highway [Video]

Amazing video of a water bomber, that is normally used to douse forest fires, putting out a grader and transport truck fire on the Trans-Labrador Highway.