Hooray For Animal Abuse – Dog In Dress Walking On Hind Legs Video.

What the hell is wrong with people? Training a dog to wear a dress, sunglasses and walk on their hind legs is not cute – it’s just cruel.

Little Boy Cracks Up Watching An Ostrich Eat. [Video]

Ostrich – an animal with little or no sense of humor. An ostrich eating out of a cup is a whole different story.

Hope For Paws Rescues A Dog Living On A Trash Pile. [Video]

Watch the amazing transformation of Miley the ‘barely living on a pile of trash’ dog rescued by Hope For Paws.

Animals In A Mental Hospital Make Weird Ass Music In ‘Musicotherapie’ [Video]

Trying to explain what’s going on in ‘Musicotherapie’ is tough. Here’s a taste – an anteater turns his intestines into a musical instrument.

Unfortunate Signage: The Bury And Oldham RSPCA Center In England.

Dear Bury / Oldham RSPCA – I am inquiring about the marketing position with your organization. Qualifications? I would’ve chosen ‘Oldham.’ Sincerely, C. Rapasaurus.