Museum Selfie Or Art Selfie Or Museum Art Selfie?

Art museum art selfie, or whatever you want to call it, will make visiting an art museum a lot more entertaining.

Skin Or Flay Me But Just Don’t Bury Me With My Tattoos.

Like a locket of hair, tattoos and the skin they’re attached to are being left behind for the still living.

Failshopping – What’s Wrong With This Photo-Selfie Of Kim, Kanye And North?

The Kim Kanye Vogue controversy is old, unnecessary news. The crazy Photoshopping, however, should be an awesome ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ game.

Toilets Hanging In A Tree Are Not Art. [Video]

Toilet Tree Art: Unfortunately, people being stupid is a god given right. In response, I wish we could defy god and make ‘dumbass’ a ticketable offense.

Serial Urinator Police Sketch – Annoying Orange Is Peeing On People?

Police put together a sketch of a Florida man who has been peeing on people. He doesn’t appear to be armed but he’s extremely annoying.

Smoking 100 Cigarettes At Once. [Video]

Wyatt Burns built a contraption that allows him to smoke 100 cigarettes at one time. I have an idea who’s really behind this nutty video.

Penis Drawing Challenge Accepted – Man Draws A Penis Per Day For Wife. [Video-NSFW]

Husbands everywhere, we have a new hero. One husband accepts his wife’s challenge and draws a new penis on their dry-erase board 365 days in a row.

Sleepwalker In Underwear Sculpture Controversy.

Wellesley College is pulling out all of the stops to recruit students to the all-girls college. One is installing a sculpture of the student’s dads.