Shirtless Guy Sews Portraits Of People Into The Palms Of His Hands. [Video]

Before you judge David Catá and his hand sewed art, watch the video of how a portrait is made and then say ‘WTF?’

‘IMAG_NE’ Scrabble Art Vandalized. Perth Voice Calls Them ‘D_CKHE_DS’

Vandals in Perth Australia look out. Do something stupid and your local newspaper will call you out as the DICKHEADS that you are.

Bitter Ex-Husband Buys House Next Door. Installs Some Middle Finger Art.

Finally found a piece of art that I can understand and NOT appreciate. Ex-hubby thinks his ex-wife is #1.

Art Is Motion: Lexus Tweaked To Paint Driver’s Picture Based On Their Driving Style. [Video]

Neat idea but unfortunately, there’s no incentive to motivate the driver to be more fuel efficient. Feeling abstract? Drive faster.

Real Banksy’s Art Didn’t Sell. Fake Banksy Sells Out Faux Banksy Art. [Video]

On October 13, undercover Banksy could only sell seven pieces of art $60 each. A week later, faux Banksy art sells out at the same $60 per fake price.

‘I Made My Cat Leon A Crown’

A cat don’t – create a crown for your cat and then put it on.

Undercover Banksy Discount Spray-Art Stand Outside Central Park. [Video]

Only eight pieces of Banksy spray art is sold at $60 a pop. Today, Banksy spray art knockoffs are probably selling like hotcakes.

Kid Accurately Draws What He Does In Morning And Evening…

In his drawings, Arlo doesn’t fool around and sticks to the basics and not much else.