Andres Serrano Talking About His Art And ‘Piss Christ’ T-Shirt. [Video]

Controversial artist Andres Serrano explains the motivation behind his art. Surprisingly, he really cares what his fellow artists think of him.

Art Has A Price In The ‘Price Of Art’ By Petro Wodkins. [Video]

Petro Wodkins documents his efforts to procure art for Tajik dictator. Will the money be too much for the galleries to pass up?

Synchronized Robotic Dance By World Order – ‘Welcome To Tokyo’ [Video]

World Order spent quite a bit of time robotizing and synching their moves for 2020 Olympics’ ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ video. Then some kook stole the show.

Mystery Solved: Ugly Old Woman In Painting Is Probably A Relative. [Video]

Ever since the ugly old woman painting was left on her porch, Mrs. Webb has taken every opportunity to poke fun at the woman. Turns out she’s family.

Amazing Robocop Costume Made Of Recycled Cardboard. [Video]

Comic Book Girl 19 kills it at Comic-Con in her Robocop costume made from recycled cardboard and glue.

Banksy Video Of A Rebel Rocket Attack With A Cameo From Dumbo. [Video]

The new Banksy video is part tragic and part Three Stooges.

Art School Pageant Finalist Is A Man Who Saran Wrapped Raw Meat To His Face, Body.

An art school in Japan is holding a pageant that combines fashion, art and music. One contestant could fail in all three categories and still win easily.

Hooray For Art! Artist Dances At The Eiffel Tower With A Chicken Tied To His Penis.

What this ‘chicken tied to his penis’ attention-hound calls art, we call Thursday. Come up with an original idea you hack!