Dumbass Kangaroos Street Fight. [Video]

Watch this video of the kangaroos street fight and answer one question: isn’t kangaroos fighting in the street what you expected of Australia?

Is This Ok? Leg-Humping Dog in Bobby Farelly’s Jeep Compass Dog Ad.

Should a dog leg-humping a dog trainer be considered smut? Watch the Jeep Compass commercial and find out what the Australian Adv Stds Bureau decided.

Man Chooses Three Months In Prison Over Two Years Of Without Alcohol.

Natural born drunk Milo Manu Felix Wild chooses a three-month prison sentence over a two-year ban on alcohol.

Brother Crosses The Line And Pinches Younger Brother’s Nuts. Writes Apology Letter And Offers $1 As Restitution.

Older brother in Australia discovers the first unwritten rule of sibling fights and it only cost him $1 (AUS).

Cargo: Short Film About A Soon-To-Be Zombie Father’s Sacrifice And Love For His Non-Zombie Daughter. [VIDEO]

If IKEA made a short film about Zombies, it would be the universally thoughtful and dialogue-free Cargo.