Self-Driving Cars Thwarted By Rain. [Video]

Never thought about weather being an issue. Plan B: Bigger drones that will transport us to work.

Enzo Ferrari Owned By Michael Fux Crashed By Two NOW Fuxed Mechanics.

The first rule of being a Ferrari mechanic is to not crash a Ferrari. The second rule of being a Ferrari mechanic is to not crash a Ferrari. The third…

Extreme Carpooling – Kuwait Edition. [Video]

No clowns here – it’s a more of a lifestyle to jam 15 people into a small SUV. Reminds me of the 70’s.

Test Drive From Hell – Hawaii Edition. [Video]

Nothing good going on in this video of an incredible pissed woman cussing and insulting her way through a test drive on the big island.

Sinkhole Opens Under Corvette Museum And Swallows 8 Corvettes.

The odds of a sinkhole opening up under the Corvette Museum are astronomical. Under a McDonalds – Sure. Under a house – why not. Corvette Museum? Crazy.

Guy With 30″ Rims Is The Coolest Guy In Atlanta 364 Days A Year BUT… [Video]

when it snows, guy slipping on ice in a car with 30″ rims in Atlanta is very easy to pick out.

Man Caught Driving With Hands Behind Head Loses License For One Year. [Video]

The cost of driving hands-free in the UK is huge – the ability to drive hands-free would also entail being huge.

Conan Lyft Riding Around With Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Is The Best! [Video]

Watch Conan O’Brien share a Lyft ride with Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart and learn the proper way to pronounce ‘forty’ and not look at the cops.