Grand Theft Dumbass. [Video]

Taxi driver attempts to corner a car thief. Car thief does what you’d expect a car thief to do.

Art Is Motion: Lexus Tweaked To Paint Driver’s Picture Based On Their Driving Style. [Video]

Neat idea but unfortunately, there’s no incentive to motivate the driver to be more fuel efficient. Feeling abstract? Drive faster.

Watch ‘This Guy Is A Moron’ Drive An SUV Into His Own House. [Video]

Problem: Spouse is cheating on you. Solution: Drive your SUV into your house. Hoorah for stupid!

Karma Bites Back: Illegal Trash Dumper Drives Truck Into A Ditch. [Video]

The only thing more humiliating than this is getting hit in the nuts by an Evan Gattis home run ball and then watching it on the Jumbotron screen.

Transporting A Washing Machine FAIL. [Video]

The audio accompanying this video is worse than having a washing machine in your car break your back window and then fall out of your car onto the ground.

Man In Maine Goes Nuts When He Sees A Moose Running Along I-95. [Video]

Double rainbow guy, this is following a moose along I-95 in Maine guy. Following a moose along I-95 in Maine guy, this is double rainbow guy.

Australian Man Arrested For Driving With Vice Grip Steering Wheel [Video]

There are life hacks that make life easier and then there are life hacks that let the drug impaired drive their cars with vice grip steering wheels.

Mavs Dancers In Front – Flula And Dirk Nowitzki Sing Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’ In Back.

Oddly funny video featuring Dirk Nowitzki, Flula, a guy who gets roshambo’d out of the car and two Dallas Mavericks’ dancers. How’s that for a set up?