Tailgating Fail – Angry Tailgater Wrecks His Truck. [Video]

There’s a whole mess of dumbass going on in this tailgating fail video. The tailgater, the driver not changing into the slow lane and Florida.

Demo Video Of Apple’s CarPlay In A Volvo. [Video]

Losing your iPhone is going to suck a 1000 times more when you need it to drive home.

Jaguar Super Bowl Commercial – All The Villains Are Played By Brits. [Video]

Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston, Ben ‘Mandarin’ Kingsley and Mark ‘Kick-Ass Bad Guy’ Strong want you to know that ‘bad is good’ when it comes to the car your drive.

Feeling Carefree: Volkswagen Uses A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ To Pitch Service Plan. [Video]

Nice to see Volkswagen tapping into some great 80’s music to sell us an extended car repair service.

Gas Station Scam: Buy The Station, Sell Everything Cheap And Take Off. [Video]

These scammers didn’t just steal the gas – they stole the whole station.