San Quentin Prison Baseball Team – The San Quentin Giants. [Video]

Short documentary about baseball being played behind prison walls. How the sport builds camaraderie where it normally wouldn’t.

Almost Naked Dodgers Fan Is The Definition Of No Fucks Given.

Going shirtless at an LA Dodgers game would not be easy. Being a large man, four beers in, and pulling up your shorts to get extra sun is just gutsy. NFG

Kid Wearing Popcorn Bucket Gets Hit With Foul Ball. I See A Playdate Op With Two-Bucket Head. [Video]

Popcorn bucket on head – CHECK! Bryce Harper foul ball coming your way – CHECK! Getting hit in the popcorn bucket by Bryce Harper’s foul ball – CHECK!

Little Girl Gets The Foul Ball At Brewers Game – Is Awesome. [Video]

Watch this little girl play it cool, avoid the scrum, and get the foul ball at a Brewers-Giants game. Her friend celebrating next her is just the best.

Tiger’s Catcher Foul Ball Nutshot. [Vine]

Even with a cup on, Alex Avila felt this foul ball to the homies. Watching it on TV hurt too.

Superman Breaks Up A Fight Of Probably Drunk Dudes. [Video]

Fortunately, this fight between drunkies didn’t require Superman to use any super powers.

Yankee Fans Boo Cano Picture. Act Like Fanboys Around Real Cano. [Video]

Watch Yankee fans get to boo a Robinson Cano picture for leaving the Yankees. Watch Yankee fans act like schoolgirls around actual Robinson Cano.

Pineda Update: Costanza Blamed For Pine Tar Incident. [Video]

Yankee’s assistant to the traveling secretary, George Costanza, is under fire for giving Michael Pineda tips on hiding the pine tar. (Yes, this is old)